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The main influences of L-Escrima come from the Escrima, Kali and Arnis.
L-Escrima is a unique style of classic Escrima martial art, created by Sifu Luis Ocasio.
Sifu Luis Ocasio mixed the principles of the Escrima with those of the WYNG TSUN THOMAS WYSTUB (abbreviated WTTW, SIFU THOMAS WYSTUB) concepts.

Escrima is a Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) and is considered tobe the most advanced and practical weapons fighting system in the world.

Escrima is a weapon-based system.
The weapons are training instruments for the development of reaction time, coordination, legwork, reflexes, balance and other...

Escrima is now an important part of the combat program of the US Army; also of the Russian Spetsnaz (Special Forces); and of Para (Indian Special Forces) including the National Guard, Indian Navy and Central Armed Forces and Police Commands.

Escrima is also known worldwide by Grand Master Don Inosanto.

Grandmaster Don Inosanto is a Filipino American martial arts teacher, best known as Bruce Lee's training partner.
What many may not know is that Grandmaster Dan Inosanto taught Bruce Lee how to deal with nunchaku.


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