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WT-Intensive Training

We make you fit for your job

For everyone who is motivated, want to get faster ahead or want to become a   WT-Teacher, we offer you the WT-Intense/ WT-Teachertraining.This education goes far beyond one, which a leisure WT trainee does.The WT-Intense education includes the possibility to take part in weekly training, free of charge.

WingTsun in quality

Success as part- or fulltime WyngTsun teacher. Of course we must suit one another. If these criterion is fulfilled and  the extend criminal record are cleared, we offer to you a professional training.that is what I stand for with my name.

nothing other than the truth

We deal with the complete Wing Tsun system in theory and practical.You get really good, really fast. We prepare the participants for the technician / teacher degree as well as the Master degree.Additional, if the tempermentally requirements are fulfilled, the SIFU title is awarded. The training period are approximately 4 years. The duration till you can open your own school is approximately 1 year. We happy to meet you.

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A free trial training is possible at anytime.